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Sadako Sasaki

When I launched the Peace Crane Project, I had never heard the story of Sadako. As teachers began to sign up, they told me they were reading Sadako’s story along with exchanging cranes through me. I ordered every book I could find about her and also searched through the websites in Japan, learning her life story. I was surprised to discover that the story most often told in the USA did not match the version her family told, or that the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum taught. This discovery launched a years-long quest to bring her true story to the English speaking world.

In 2017, our mutual friend, Miyuki Sohara introduced me to Masahiro Sasaki, Sadako’s older brother. I flew to Japan to meet him, spending as many hours as I could interviewing him and meeting with the staff at the Hiroshima Peace Museum. Masahiro and I decided to collaborate on a new book, working together to bring the Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki to the USA and beyond.

Set for release September 21, 2018, our participants will have the opportunity to receive copies before the official release date. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

Sue DiCicco

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