Student T-Shirt Design Competion 2019!

Are you a student that would like to test your creative skills? Or are you a teacher or group leader of children aged between 5 and 18 years old? If so, then the Peace Crane Project T-Shirt Competition is for you! NEW for 2019, the Peace Crane Project invites students all around the world to design our official t-shirt.

Winners will be rewarded with an official shirt featuring their design in print!

Please note: The design must be created by a student or students aged 5 thru 18. The design must include the words “Peace Crane Project” in any form. T-shirt fabric can be almost any color so consider that in your design.


For the full guidelines, and instructions on how to submit your design, simply click the green button below.



My students feel empowered to be helping Egyptian students learn English while they learn global collaboration skills. This is an exceptionally valuable student-centered global project!

April Keck-DeGennaro, Ph.D., Gifted Education Specialist, USA

It’s our third year of participation in this project and my students can’t imagine our future without it. We not only exchange paper cranes we also establish bridges between different countries and quite different cultures.

Nelli Porseva, Teacher of English and Vice Principal, Russia

An engaging and enriching experience for our students. We have now made further local connections as a result of the project which we look forward to linking with next year.

Jayne Porter, ESOL and International Team Lead, Scotland

This project has had a positive impact on not only the students but also the teachers at Silver Bay Elementary. Our fourth graders will not soon forget their mission to spread peace and hope to others, to live with a heart filled with love, or their passion to impact change.

Joy Danelson, Teacher, USA

By participating in the project my students have the opportunity to be in contact with children from countries they didn’t even know existed. This opens their minds and helps them understand that there are people who live so far away from us and they also care about Peace. My students learned to respect and accept the differences between people. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of your great community of Peace crane exchange.

Melahrini Papardeli, Teacher, USA


  • Must include the words “Peace Crane Project” in any form

  • Must be created by a student or students age 5 thru 18

  • Must include at least one peace crane
  • Final t-shirt will be a maximum of three ink colors, including black

  • T-shirt fabric can be almost any color so consider that in your design

  • Design for front of t-shirt only
  • Please send a digital file of your design

  • Multiple designs may be submitted
  • Winners will be chosen from three categories TBD

  • Be sure to indicate your student’s age and grade level on the submission


Did you know that the Peace Crane Project connects children all over the world via teachers, parents and group leaders?

Using our Exchange List (free for all to use,) groups are able to connect, share peace cranes and engage with other groups all over the world.

Want to trade pen-pal letters as well? Would you like to make videos for your exchange partners? As long as your exchange partner agrees, folding doves or hearts, exchanging postcards from your town, sending letters or videos, it’s all good. Make the project your own!

Register your interest in the t-shirt competition and we will also send you full details about the exchange. We can’t wait to have you join us!