Creative Activities For All To Enjoy

The below activities compliment the Peace Crane Project. We have something for everyone from creative book awards, to the Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki. Current activities are listed first and are followed by past activities.

Current Activities

Student T-Shirt Design Competion 2019!

Are you a student that would like to test your creative skills? Or are you a teacher or group leader of children aged between 5 and 18 years old? If so, then the Peace Crane Project T-Shirt Competition is for you! NEW for 2019, the Peace Crane Project invites students all around the world to design our official t-shirt.

Winners will be rewarded with an official shirt featuring their design in print!


Please create your design within either 8.5″ x 11″ or A4 document size – we cannot print on sleeves or full shirt
To see samples of how your design will be placed. please look here. Only those meeting the needs of the printer will be chosen to win.

  • Must include the words “Peace Crane Project” in any form
  • Must be created by a student or students age 5 thru 18
  • Must include at least one origami peace crane
  • Final t-shirt will be a maximum of three ink colors, including black
  • T-shirt fabric can be almost any color so consider that in your design
  • Design for front of  t-shirt only
  • Send a digital file of your design
  • Multiple designs may be submitted
  • Winners will be chosen from three categories TBD. Be sure to indicate your student’s age and grade level on the submission.


You can submit your entry via email to Don’t forget to include the student’s name, age, grade, and school.

By submitting an entry, the artist consents that it is his/her own original work and that he/she has all necessary rights and permissions to use included elements. The t-shirt contest team reserves the right to make adjustments and alterations to the winning entry to ensure that the reproduction of the image is of best quality. The winning artist releases to Armed with the Arts Inc the exclusive right to artwork to be used in any promotional material. The winners will be rewarded with an official shirt featuring his/her design. No submissions will be returned.

Masahiro Sasaki, Sadako’s brother and the co-author of the book will be answering questions from your students. Videotaped questions preferred, but written questions are also welcome. Please contact us for more information.

When I launched the Peace Crane Project, I had never heard the story of Sadako. As teachers began to sign up, they told me they were reading Sadako’s story along with exchanging cranes through me. I ordered every book I could find about her and also searched through the websites in Japan, learning her life story. I was surprised to discover that the story most often told in the USA did not match the version her family told, or that the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum taught. This discovery launched a years-long quest to bring her true story to the English speaking world.

In 2017, our mutual friend, Miyuki Sohara introduced me to Masahiro Sasaki, Sadako’s older brother. I flew to Japan to meet him, spending as many hours as I could interviewing him and meeting with the staff at the Hiroshima Peace Museum. Masahiro and I decided to collaborate on a new book, working together to bring the Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki to the USA and beyond.

Initially self-published, the book is now being released by Tuttle Publishing in Spring 2020. Please look for it soon. Meanwhile, you can read more about the book and Masahiro on our website.

Sue DiCicco

Past Activities

In 2015, Armed with the Arts Inc hosted a Poetry Slam, encouraging teens to perform their original poems.

Here’s our winner, Shaun D’souza from Bangalore, India.

In 2014, we decided to produce a sing-a-long, inviting all the students folding cranes to also sing for peace. Rubia Braun wrote an original song for the event! Over the course of many months, schools, community groups, and individuals uploaded clips for us to edit together. Here are the incredible results. Don’t miss our notations in the corners, alerting you to the countries these amazing kids (and a few grown-ups!) come from.

Huge thanks to everyone that participated. We can’t wait to create another one someday!

In 2015 one of our participants asked us to create a project to celebrate the new year. We considered snowflakes at first, but too many of our students were in the middle of summer! One of the challenges of a global project is how school schedules and seasons vary around the world. After some thought, we did a riff on a paper snowflake and designed this project to unite the children of the world.

While we do not actively promote this activity now, you are welcome to watch this instructional video and download the template anytime. These make a great item for exchanging, or just sharing with family and friends.

Download Template (USA)
Download Template (A4)

In 2018, we held a tiny crane folding contest to celebrate the launch of “The Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki.” After WWII, paper was in short supply in Japan. In order to assure she had enough paper to fold the 1,000 cranes required to make her wish come true, Sadako never used a piece of paper bigger than 3” square. And some cranes she folded were no bigger than a grain of rice! We decided to challenge our participants in a tiny crane folding contest and WOW were we surprised by the many, many tiny cranes that arrived here.

Thanks to everyone that participated. Maybe we’ll do it again sometime. Meanwhile…

Here are the Winners!
Robbie Fernandez and Zachary Green, Ms. Krudzlo’s Class at DeMasi Elementary School in New Jersey USA
Aaron, Maya’s class in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Isabella Delany Scheirer, Ms.Kleppinger’s Art Class at Ritter Elementary School in Pennsylvania USA
and our Runner Ups:
Donald Rothman, Alaska USA
Nathan Goucher, Ms. Z’s Class in South Carolina USA
Kristin Poole, Texas USA
Ms. Avery’s Class at Long River Middle School in Connecticut USA


Second place winner, Kaohsiung, Taiwan