Your Questions Answered

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive from participants.

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Yes! While many participate on or near the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21st, we host the Project every day of the year. Please participate any time that works for you.

We encourage everyone to learn to fold a crane. It builds skill and confidence. If your students are too young or unable to master crane folding, please consider the easier to fold dove, or download our coloring pages. Participants can also exchange pen-pal letters and videos. We are here to help and offer ideas, but please make the Project your own. Do what works for you.
Flatten your cranes for shipping. An oversized envelope is cheaper to ship than a box. Folding smaller cranes will reduce package weight and size as well. We have seen PTA groups, and local businesses also provide postage. If these suggestions don’t work for you, participants may share their cranes, pen-pal letters, artwork, and other items via email only. Email allows anyone with access to the Internet to participate.

Please connect with more than one exchange partner. Things happen. Sometimes groups do not follow thru. If you get dropped and did not ask more than one, please pick another group immediately, then send us email to let us know what happened. We will remove the non-responder from the exchange list, and may be able to find you a quick match as well.

We don’t accept cranes here but encourage you to seek partners on our exchange list.

Many of our resource materials are available in several languages. The entire website can be viewed in many languages by accessing the small tab on the lower left-hand corner of the site.

We cater to students, but everyone in the world is welcome to join us. Please choose appropriate exchange partners on the exchange list.